When the planning authority takes action, think of it as an opportunity not as a threat.

Enforcement Notice

Councils don't always get it right. Their action is only as good as the information they have. They may be too late because the use might have become immune.  An enforcement notice is also an opportunity to apply for planning permission. 

There are seven grounds of appeal against an enforcement notice. Let's talk about the ones that will be most effective for you.

Appeals may be heard by written evidence alone, by an informal hearing or an inquiry. I can recommend planning consultants and expert witnesses to assemble the best possible team. I have conducted countless inquiries and appeals both for and against planning authorities.

Threatened action

Enforcement action rarely comes without notice. The threat or possibility of action is a further opportunity for a pre-emptive move. The perfect response is an application for a certificate of lawful use or lawful development. 

Unlawful development or use becomes immune after a set period of time - either four or ten years depending on the breach - and it is a perfect response because if it is granted no enforcement action may be taken. 

Prosecution, or worse

Failure to comply with an enforcement notice can be further enforced by action in the criminal courts, and in the crown court there is no upper limit on the fine that can be imposed. Councils may apply for an injunction, or enter your land and carry out remedial works.

So get ready...

An effective response to enforcement powers is achievable and possible. Use the contact page to get in touch and explore your own effective response with me.