A specialist planning law practice. It's what I do.

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A 360 degree view

As a lawyer with over twenty years’ experience of planning law and practice I have gained the ability to see the case from all angles and perspectives. I act for applicants and objectors. I have been employed by a planning authority as its in-house solicitor, and I have a number of local authorities as my clients.  I prosecute and defend planning cases in the magistrates’ court and appear in support of and in opposition to planning appeals at inquiry. I have advised magistrates and councillors in planning and licensing cases.

This is equally true if you are making or objecting to a planning application, or appealing against an enforcement notice or a refusal of planning permission. The big picture is gained by asking some pertinent questions: how strong is the planning authority’s case? Is it supported by national or local policy? Is the application or appeal likely to succeed? Are there any precedents locally or nationally?

All this is yours

If you have need of planning advice or assistance, please contact me, and together we can see the big picture.